Juggler Erik Borgman

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A world-class artist to attract visitors.

He performs all over the world. He toured Canada with Cirque du Soleil, stood at the center of various football stadiums and performed at private parties of princes, film stars and sports heroes. He also regularly gives workshops in business.

How nice, you will say. But what is the benefit for my trade show participation?

From juggling to more customer conversations!

My name is Erik Borgman and I am an artist, juggler, and performer. For my shows I travel all over the world to do performances. Also I perform a lot at trade shows. Yep! That's why call me the trade show tiger.

Ahhh, I heard that before! That's what you think maybe. Another of those artists, clowns, painted ladies or gentlemen who draw attention to a stand. Yes, something like that, but my added value is different. I will explain.


This is how I like to approach it

I don't juggle tennis balls, but soccerbals. With these footballs I walk around on the stand and on the exhibition floor. The footballs are of good quality and printed in the style of your brand. With these footballs I always do small "mini-shows" for a few people.

I am astonishing these spectators with something beautiful, handsome and funny with a football. Something that nobody else can do. Then I ask these people if they would like to take a football home. It will not surprise you that almost everyone wants that; for themselves, their children or family.

Then I invite people to visit the stand and to answer a "Magic question". This is a simple question about the company for example. As I continue my way across the exhibition floor, they'll walk to the stand to pick up a football.

At the stand they will be warmly received by the stand crew. They can determine on the spot whether this is an interesting new contact, whether the question is answered correctly and whether this person gets a football home. In short: a customer interview is born! This is a conversation that would probably not have taken place had they not met me, right?


'' Guarantees? 25% more customer calls. References? Ask for it!
Price? We will agree!

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