Looking for a next level trade show booth

Looking for a next level trade show booth in Europe?

Congrats, you’ve come to the right place!

Our name is KOP. We are a one-stop-shop stand builder from the Netherlands. We create exhibition stands in Europe for awesome brands.

If you are a company oudside of Europe, a good chance that this is your current situation when exhibiting in Europe: 


There’s no question that the booth will be finished, at some point. But,  what if we told you there’s a money saving, efficiency gaining alternative?

It looks like this: 


Less companies involved. Less bills to pay. Short communication lines. More time for quality and creativity. Just you and us. What’s not to love?

We even dare to say that we're the undiscovered gem leading to trade shows as sorrowless as Bob Marley’s three little birds


To summarize everything. With a solid approach we help international brands to stand out and achieve maximum trade show results. Because we work directly with our clients, we don’t rely on any contractors. This has several benefits. 

  • Save money. No contractors or agencies means that there are simply less companies involved that’ll need their bills paid.
  • Better design. Our designers don't just make pretty pictures. They have loads of practical experience and know how to *realistically* draw outside the lines.
  • You can RELAX. Because of our short communication lines and on-point project planning you’re guaranteed of a smooth process. 

Ready for a stunning custom trade show booth with every detail finished on time?

Get inspired

Developing stunning exhibition designs that'll help you to achieve your goals. That's what we do. Exhibiting in Dubai or Utrecht? A small or large stand? No worries, leave it to us. With our process-oriented approach, we ensure that your stand will shine, wherever in the world you are. Curious about our projects and clients? Check these cases. 

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Exhibition stand Samsung Masters Expo

Masters Expo Amsterdam

"From the start, KOP surprised us with their in-depth knowledge of all the details involved in organizing a successful exhibition. The premium finish of all parts of the stand helped us to amply achieve our objectives."

Laura Geuze - Marketing Communication Manager Samsung Electronics

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Standbuilding Auping Keulen

IMM Keulen

“From start to finish it really felt like a team effort. Together we came up with a minimalistic but powerful concept. The sustainable theme was reflected in all facets. This was really a stand to be very proud of." Sven Pechler Auping

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Intersolutions Ghent

"KOPexpo has the creativity to set up a stand that is both functional and striking. The team ensures quality and original design at every location." Laura Brown Esdec

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Standbuilding GoodHabitz

Learntec Karlsruhe

"One of the most important elements in creating this concept was the importance of a multi-use stand. The result? A stand that is built in such a way that it is adaptable. But always with the same story and impact". Mark Faes GoodHabitz

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Sustainable trade show booths

At KOP, we are at the forefront when it comes to sustainable standbuilding in Europe. We're committed to minimizing our environmental impact. That’s why we’ve developed a sustainable stand-building strategy that reduces waste and prioritizes eco-friendly materials. We also work with clients to create visually appealing stands that are designed with sustainability in mind, using energy-efficient lighting and reusable materials. Our approach allows us to make a positive impact on the environment without compromising on design or functionality. 


Plannen & Organiseren

Custom booth design

Our designers are specialized in custom booth design. Our experienced team works closely with each client to create visually stunning and highly functional custom designs. Custom exhibition stands that maximize visitor engagement and optimize traffic flow. By staying up-to-date with the latest trends and innovations in booth design, we ensure that our clients stand out from the competition. With us as your custom stand builder, you can be confident that your booth will be a true representation of your brand. Delivering maximum impact at your next trade show in Europe.

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