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Laura Ebeltjes
Feb 29, 2024 8:18:50 AM

As stand builder, we work with many materials. We know: not everything is equally sustainable. Take the commonly used vinyl for example, it’s easy to replace with cork. All it takes is some research and the guts to change. And when you dare to choose different, all materials used in the stand are explained in a materials passport. This way we make your sustainable choice measurable and together we take steps towards more sustainable trade shows.


Materials passport in a nutshell

A materials passport provides a structured overview of the sustainability features of the materials used in your booth. It offers insights into origin, certifications, applications, waste flows and why the material is considered sustainable. An example of this is the use of PET felt. We frequently utilize furniture made from this material for our sustainable stands. Additionally, we also utilize FSC-certified wood, cork, and eco-friendly alternatives to Airtex, among others.


Why you need a materials passport 

There are several reasons to opt for sustainable booth construction, such as company policy, alignment with your brand, or due to regulations imposed by the trade show organizer or event venue.

In all cases, we take the lead. We gather the necessary data and inform all stakeholders involved in the booth about its sustainable aspects.


Herbruikbare materialen - Rabobank

Explanation of circular materials at the Rabobank booth


Showcasing your materials passport

If you've had a sustainable booth built, it enhances your sustainable image. And of course, you want to showcase that! Consider:

  1. Stand signs: Display sustainability with signs explaining the green materials in your booth.
  2. Digital document: Opt for a handy digital document containing all sustainability info.
  3. Digital content: Use technology to seamlessly blend sustainability details into digital content within your booth.
  4. Raw materials exhibit: Think about showcasing raw materials like wood, cork, or rubber – making sustainability a visual highlight in your booth. Of course, only if it fits the stand design ;-)
Irrespective of your preference, we tailor our solutions to suit your needs!


Herbruikbare materialenRaw materials exhibit at Rabobank booth


Pioneering examples to inspire you

Draw inspiration from tangible success stories. Explore how our clients,  Nedap and Rabobank, embraced sustainability in their distinctive ways.

Recently, we constructed Belimo's latest booth, largely made from recycled cardboard. The clouds in this booth are crafted from 100% recycled PET, and the trees are made from 100% recyclable cardboard. These savvy choices not only showcase their commitment to sustainability but also set a bold example for the industry.



Booths of Belimo, Nedap and Rabobank


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