KOP hits Gold (with a green twist!)

Laura Ebeltjes
Mar 13, 2024 10:46:31 AM

Exciting news! Our booth for Vreugdenhil Dairy Foods has achieved the coveted Gold status within Informa Markets' Better Stands program. This means we're leading the charge towards more eco-friendly booth construction. And, this isn't our first rodeo with this status. It's time to spill the beans!


About Better Stands

Better Stands is a fantastic initiative by Informa (Markets), the global leader in organizing business events. The program encourages exhibitors to swap disposable booths for reusable alternatives. This means booths are built to be used time and time again – great news for everyone!


Catergories Gold Level

Different categories applied by Better Stands


Gold status for KOP

Our dedication to sustainability has paid off: because Vreugdenhil's booth isn't just stunning, it's sustainable too! The fact that this booth is recognized at FI Europe 2023, as a sustainable booth with gold status, is an absolute feather in our cap!

By meeting all the requirements of the Better Stands program, we not only reduced waste at the event but also contributed to a greener future.

Our sustainability efforts included:



  1. Structure & walls: The structure and walls are made of wooden frames with Mixed Light Hardwood (MLH Plywood). After each trade show, they are repaired and used again for the next one.
  2. Floor: We used a sustainable flooring system that can be used over and over again.
  3. Furniture and equipment: Vreugdenhil purchased custom-made parts to be reused for future trade shows.
  4. Lighting: All lighting is energy-efficient LED lighting.
  5. Hanging signage: The signage will be reused for future trade shows.
  6. Hanging structure: Vreugdenhil bought aluminum frames for this and future booths. They are modular, so they can be used in different shapes or mirrored.
  7. Ceiling: Since the Vreugdenhil booth has no ceiling, this was not applicable.
  8. Display facilities: Vreugdenhil purchased displays for reuse at future trade shows.


  1. Carpeting: The laminated wooden floor is reused because we use standard colors in our booths.
  2. Graphic and decorative items: Live plants were placed in the booth for a green accent. These will either be reused or taken over by a party that grows and sells them.

Let's not forget we partly owe this status to Vreugdenhil. After all, they opted for sustainable elements in their booth!



The different categories applied to the Vreugdenhil booth.


Your benefits

With a sustainable booth from KOP, you not only enjoy a green reputation but also other benefits that elevate your fair experience. Think stress-free setup and teardown, an impressive appearance that puts your brand in a positive light, and cost savings that keep your wallet happy.

What are you waiting for? Contact us today and discover how we can elevate your brand to new heights at the next fair!


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Laura Ebeltjes
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