Designer Anne: from nature's inspiration to striking designs

Laura Ebeltjes
Feb 26, 2024 12:18:07 PM

In the realm of marketing and branding, exhibit stands emerge as vibrant masterpieces. They tell your brand's story and deliver a tailored experience with your product or service. And behind every stand's creation lies the ingenuity of talented designers. Allow us to introduce you to a rising star: designer Anne (26).


How it all started for Anne

Anne's journey began among the vibrant tulip fields of her childhood playground. Nature was her canvas, where she transformed its offerings into beautiful artworks. This innate creativity led her to pursue Spatial Design. It was there that she discovered her true calling: crafting 3D experiences. "I started creating real worlds you could step into. It was revelatory; this was what I wanted to do!" she enthuses.

At KOP, Anne found her creative haven:

"At KOP, I can turn nothing into something. Just starting from scratch. I love that freedom!" 


KP - Designer - Anne-26

Anne in the working place


Style & inspiration

Anne's design style exudes playfulness, with elements that captivate attention by breaking free from the norm. Take, for instance, her design for Signature Foods at Horecava. "I conceived a massive snack board as the standout feature for this booth. It was 8 meters long and hung 3 meters high. “It immediately caught the eye," she explains. With her innovative approach, Anne has numerous remarkable designs to her credit.

She loves organic, soft shapes and enjoys playing with contrasts, like blending a green plant wall with black and a vibrant color. Her inspiration? She draws it from everywhere, from the depths of Bonaire's underwater world to her daily outdoor strolls.


KP - Designer - Anne-08

 Anne in the conference room


Creative rituals

For Anne, each new design journey begins with gaining insight into the client and their audience. This guides her in capturing the right ambiance and understanding the experience we aim to create. She collaborates closely with the design team and account manager to refine the vision and ensure alignment with the client's objectives.

Next, she starts exploring sources of inspiration, focusing on the core of the project before adding decorative elements.

"Sometimes, a client brings along a mood board. This is very helpful for me. It shows me what the client finds appealing and which materials resonate with them. This mood board serves as a guide for my design and provides me with direction to create something that fully satisfies the client."


Approach & execution

Anne collaborates closely with her colleagues to ensure her creative vision is practically executable. By listening to her team members' experiences and valuable feedback, she tailors her designs within budget, while meeting the client's desires. The result? Designs that are visually appealing, functional, and feasible. And when her design "clicks," she just knows it. "It's a feeling that comes from deep within," she shares.


KP - Designer - Anne-21

Anne in our working place


Standing out among competitors

How does Anne ensure her designs steal the spotlight in the bustling sea of competition at trade shows? "It's all about lighting," she emphasizes. "Lighting doesn't just set the mood; it crafts an unforgettable atmosphere for booth visitors. By strategically illuminating key products or services, I can guide visitors' focus directly to those standout elements, leaving a lasting impression."



If given free rein to design for any brand, Anne dreams of crafting an outdoor stand—a lush jungle or even a waterfall. Her goal? Creating a dream world where visitors can immerse themselves entirely. Though challenging, we believe Anne's creativity can make this dream a reality.


KP - Designer - Anne-32

Anne in the storage


Are you ready to elevate your stand designs to new heights? Contact our team now and let Anne's creative insights and expertise present your brand in a truly unique way!

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