7 tips to radiate your company story through the interior design

Erik Lindeboom
Feb 20, 2019 3:59:00 PM

Finding inspiration for a new project interior or a shop interior is not that hard. The trends and possibilities seem to be endless. But in all those ideas, you have to make sure that you don’t forget to tell the story of your organization. The story of a company makes the interior design unique and it gives visitors a good picture of whom you are and what you stand for. In this blog, we give you seven tips that ensure the companies story is blended in the interior design.


1. Tell a piece of history 

Having a timeline in your interior will take the visitor into the story of your organization. Immediately after entering the room you feel: this is a company with a story that has to be told. You combine the most beautiful memories and present them to your visitors. This can be done in lots of ways. For example, by letting the walls tell the story or by highlighting special years and great memories in different areas in the building.



Let your ideas come to live with the use of interactive interior design. Ever thought of a VR-meeting room, a LED screen in the canteen or an interactive wall at the entrance of your organization? More and more companies are looking for ways to give their visitors a unique experience. In order to do so, they tell their story with a little help of something called augmented reality. An example is an interactive wall we created for Rabobank IT recruitment which they regularly use to generate interaction with their audience. Check out this video for the end result!



3. Tell something 'green'

A sustainable interior is hip and happening. Whether you own a shopping store, work at a law firm or work in a production hall, choosing to work sustainably makes sure that you have a story to tell. You not only show that your organization is socially responsible, but you can also tell the visitors that a sustainable interior can look pretty awesome.


Tips for sustainable interior design:

  • Chairs made of PET bottles
  • Tables of recycled wood types
  • A green wall with all kinds of plants and moss
  • Not just a cork bulletin board, but an entire cork wall!
  • Rugs of seagrass


4. Tell a story through an experience center

‘Hi, welcome to our company. Before we start with our meeting, I’d like to give you a quick tour through our experience center to show you what our organization is like and what our passion is.' 

Doesn’t this sound like the perfect opening sentence to welcome visitors with? An experience center is a unique way to welcome your visitors and engage them with your organization. More and more companies discover the added value of an experience center. Would you like to give lectures at the center? Then choose for a seating area. Do you want visitors to test your products in real life? Map the experience center as user-friendly as possible. The experience center tells your story in a unique and interactive way. Did you know we designed an experience for Alphatron Medical Systems? Take a look at our portfolio for more information!


5. Tell a story through your employees

The employees are what makes a company unique. They determine the atmosphere, the successes, they learn together and they are always trying to achieve the best results. They are the ambassadors of the company and add personality to the interior design. Communicate this personality with a large message board or team picture wall in the canteen. It’s easy and it creates a personal touch.


6. Tell a story through lightning

A lighting plan is the most underestimated part of an interior. Do you want to make sure that you use the best lights and hang them in the right place? Think carefully about what activities take place in the interior. A coffee corner has a different purpose than a conference table. And that pretty painting needs to stand out, but not by using a construction lamp! Determine whether you want to be able to dim certain lights so that you create a different Atmosphere. Because in the end, lightning defines the atmosphere that you exude in your organization.


7. Tell what makes you happy

There is no accounting for taste. Keep in mind that your ideas always will fit into a beautiful interior design. Whether you dream about a project design with golden chairs or a hall that contains a scaffolding wooden bar with a beer tap, with a little help the most creative ideas are bound together to create a beautiful customized interior design. An interior that tells your story and really shows who you are.

Already have some ideas for your company or shop interior? Always keep in mind that it is all about storytelling. At KOPexpo, we love to help you finding that unique story and translating that into a perfect interior design. Feel free to get in touch.

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Erik Lindeboom
By Erik Lindeboom

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