4 shop interior design tips by Wouter

Wouter van der Gouw
Feb 18, 2019 4:02:00 PM

When a visitor enters your store, you want the interior to match your brand identity and the customer profile. What are the customer expectations and how do you translate these expectations into an ideal shop interior? A spot-on shop interior makes the profit rise, that’s a fact. But where to start? Wouter van der Gouw, account manager at KOPexpo for over 3 years, has helped many customers to design and develop their perfect shop interior. We wanted to know what makes him tick and asked him about his experiences. A store owner is looking for a new interior.


When do you come in?

'Sometimes we get asked by one of our long-term customers, for whom we have built exhibition stands for many years if we want to develop a new interior for them. We get asked more and more often by new customers if we want to give their shop a make-over.

Existing or new, I always go and visit them to discuss their wishes and objectives. Whom are they? Whom are their customers? How do they want to present their products? Furthermore, we discuss practical matters such as the available space and the budget. After the first meeting, my head is exploding with ideas.

Next, I head over to my colleagues from the design studio. Together we translate the ideas and information into a creative shop interior concept, which we present to the customer in 3D or Augmented Reality.'

Luckily, our designers have much better software skills than I *Laughing awkwardly hard*. When everybody has agreed upon the shop interior design, the colleagues in the workshop work their magic on every element of the interior. They create customized furniture and prepare everything perfectly so that the shop can remain open as long as possible. The whole project is being coordinated by one of our project managers. He is the point of contact for the customer and suppliers during the realization process.


Do you have any tips for us?

1. Choose the right mapping

Make use of the available space as efficiently possible. It’s important to inventory exactly how much space you need for the pay desk and for the customers and shop crew to move around properly. People like their personal space, so keep this in mind when determining the width of the aisles. The access space can be used for product presentation.

2. Determine a smart routing

Choosing the right routing when designing the shop interior is essential. For this, we use a set of basic rules. For example, products which are located on the right side of the walking route get more attention. And: the isles located on the outer side of the shop interior get more visitors. An eyecatcher can stimulate people to walk in a certain direction.

3. Help your visitors searching

By dividing the shop’s assortment into different categories, you help customers to choose and find the right products. This increases the ease of shopping and stimulates the (unconscious) buying behavior. Indicate the different categories for example, by using large visuals. Besides giving a clear indication of the different categories, they help to create the right atmosphere in the shop.

4. Stimulate the senses

A good shop interior is a candy for the eyes. However: don’t forget the other senses! What about playing some music to open up those ears? Or a cup of coffee to wake up the taste buds? And don’t forget that the right smell positively influences the buying behavior of customers.


What do shop owners tend to forget?

To involve the shop’s customers in the development of the new interior. It’s not difficult at all to involve your target audience at all. Just start with a small survey amongst customers to find out what they like, what they miss and what they would like to see again. Besides this, shop owners sometimes forget to communicate the opening of their new shop. Use this in your communication. CELEBRATE your new shop!


Which part of the shop interior design do you like to most?

Without a doubt: Presenting the design! Each time I find it super exciting to reveal the interior we have designed. The happy faces of the shop owners when they see the design for the first time is priceless. That’s what makes me love this job so much.


What was your favorite project?

That must be Oxener. We recently created a new interior for this shoe store. The appearance and size of that store make me proud. And when the owner of the shop tells you at the opening that he enjoyed working together with you, well.. that’s the best compliment you can get.

Looking for a new interior concept for your shop? Let us know! Wouter can't wait to meet you. 

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Wouter van der Gouw
By Wouter van der Gouw

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