In 4 steps towards effective post trade show lead follow-up

Rowan van der Veen
Sep 7, 2023 8:35:17 AM

After months of preparation and hard work, your trade show participation has come to an end. Together with your team, you reflect on the successes and gear up for the next phase of your trade show journey: evaluating and following up on your leads. Lead generation is one thing, but systematically and effectively following up on those leads is another. It's understandable that after the trade show, you might quickly shift your focus to other projects. However, a solid follow-up strategy is crucial! In this blog, you'll discover how to easily manage the leads you've collected at the trade show and the benefits of doing so.


Step 1: Speed in following up on trade show leads

During the trade show, your stand crew establishes the first contacts. They engage with attendees, shake numerous hands, assist visitors with their inquiries, and gather data. It's advisable to immediately follow up on the collected data after the trade show. Extensive research has been conducted on the timing of effective follow-up, revealing that you can't be too quick with your trade show lead follow-up. Otherwise, prospects might simply opt for someone else or forget about your interaction altogether.


Step 2: Personalized approach for each lead

In addition to speed, it's crucial to get to know your trade show leads well. During lead follow-up, you essentially continue the conversation you had during the trade show. By recognizing your brand's story, they will feel personally addressed and more likely to establish a connection with you.

TIP: Create a sales funnel withe the collected leads during the follow-up process. Each lead is unique: one might have done thorough research on your company, while another might have only just discovered your existence on the day of the trade show. This way, you personalize your approach per lead which usually results in a higher success rate. 


Step 3: Approaching leads during follow-up

Once you have a structured understanding of the types of trade show leads you've gathered, you decide on the methods to follow-up. With a touch of creativity, you can quickly come up with innovative ideas to engage your prospects. For leads that are less time-sensitive, a friendly email might work, while for those you want to connect with immediately, a phone call or even a personal visit could be more effective. Below, we offer you some ideas to consider:


Infographic  4 follow up tips


Step 4: Incorporate leads into your network

Maybe not every collected trade show lead will become a customer, but there’s always an opportunity. They have shown interest in your product or service after all. Consider sending them a friendly follow-up email and connect with them on social media. This way, you (and your brand) will remain visible, and you might have the opportunity to collaborate in the future.


Getting the most out of your trade show leads

By following these tips, you're building a waterproof strategy to follow-up your leads. Big trade show results are only a matter of time. 

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