Horecava 2024: Building 5 unique booths at the same time

Laura Ebeltjes
Dec 27, 2023 8:51:19 AM

As a content marketer, I've shared insights about our company from my office desk. But now, it's time to get hands-on. With Horecava (a catering industry trade show) around the corner and 4 clients onboard, a big task awaits us, and our workplace could use some extra help. Join me as we prepare for this massive operation and open the doors to where everything comes to life: our workplace.


Delicate hands & broken nails

Each morning, our workplace team gathers for a daily briefing. It's when the production team discusses who does what. This time, I had my role, along with some friendly teasing about my delicate hands and broken nails. But I didn't let that stop me; I jumped in with enthusiasm.


Dagstart- verkleind


Check, check, double check

My first task was to assist Tim and Aart in the storage area, collecting materials for Horecava. Every crate was opened and carefully checked. If something was damaged, it got fixed. If fixing wasn't an option? It got replaced. No risks were here; every detail was inspected to ensure a seamless booth setup.


Colorful custom work for our clients

As a marketer, I had no illusions about "just building a booth". So, I headed to the painting area. Here, I couldn't go wrong. My colleague Sahin handled the sanding, while I applied the right colors to the elements. Our participating clients, Rabobank, FLS Company, Vandemoortele, and Coca-Cola (Fuze tea and Royal Bliss), each have their unique style. Aligning the visual aspect with each client's branding was a fun challenge.


KOP - Laura Werkplaats-1-2


Designs become reality

The joy of spending a day in the workplace is seeing designs come to life. Each client has specific wishes and goals, making each booth a unique masterpiece. But this also comes with challenges. When a design on paper seemed easier than its actual execution, collaboration and close teamwork were key to achieving the right structure.


KOP - Laura Werkplaats-6


Only 2 weeks left

From January 8th to 11th, 2024, Horecava takes place. In the days leading up to it, I'll be on the road with the field team, building 5 impressive booths in just 5 days. I'll gladly take you along on this adventure.


To be continued!

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Laura Ebeltjes
By Laura Ebeltjes

Laura is our Content Marketer! One who thrives on words and visuals. She truly gets happy creating content.

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