Designer Wessel: Creativity with a distinct twist

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Mar 25, 2024 9:02:16 AM

From an early age creativity runs deep in Wessel Sio's DNA. With his keen eye for detail, he has made a significant impact on stand design, both in the Netherlands and beyond.


Creative roots

Wessel (34) showed his creativity early on, encouraged by his equally creative mother. 
It was no surprise that Wessel embarked on the creative path at a young age. He delved into drawing as a kid, with his passion growing as he put his unique spin on car illustrations inspired by movies like The Fast and the Furious.

As he grew older, Wessel's brother attended a creative school, introducing him to design software. This opened up the world of design software for Wessel, where he could channel his creativity. The decision to study Spatial Design felt like a natural next step for him.


KOP - Wessel-29-1

Wessel is sketching


The KOP chapter

During his 4th year of studies, Wessel sought an internship. Though the design department at KOP was full, he seized the opportunity to start in the workplace, eventually landing a spot in the  Design Studio. Afterward, he received a job offer, and now, 12.5 years later, he is still there, having evolved from a novice designer to the Studio team leader.


Design style & evolution

For Wessel, design means no unnecessary frills, but rather sleek and refined. His style is marked by precision and creating immersive experiences. "I thrive on sleek design and meticulous finishes. You can see it in every detail of my work."

In his design for the Fuze Tea stand, Wessel's attention to detail shines through. From swings to phone charging stations, even scent machines and sound showers, he crafts unforgettable experiences.

Wessel draws inspiration from diverse sources like interior design magazines and architecture books. Also the Dutch Design Week fuels his creativity, even if the ideas aren't directly tied to trade show booths.

"I find inspiration everywhere, whether on nature walks or in bustling cities. My eyes are always open to new creative sparks."


Fuze Tea stand

Corner in Fuze Tea booth


The design process

In Wessel's process, understanding the client's vision is key. He takes the time to understand their needs and vision, allowing him to precisely sense what they truly want. Sometimes, I envision the stand right away, mapping it out mentally before translating it to the computer."

As the design takes shape, he integrates crucial elements and activations. "I often incorporate LED panels for impact, creating more space and visual appeal," he explains. "With an LED panel wall, you showcase more than a static print, resulting in a cleaner booth aesthetic by minimizing information overload."

Bringing creative designs to life is just as crucial as crafting them. How does Wessel ensure that his designs are feasible? "With my experience in stand building, I know what's feasible. If in doubt, I consult with my colleagues in project management and production to determine feasibility. Together, we always find a solid solution."


KOP - Wessel-3-1

Designer Wessel

"When my stand design is complete, I feel it's in perfect harmony. To me, a stand is like a masterpiece, a composition where all colors and shapes collaborate to create a powerful and balanced presence."


Wessel's pride

In his 12.5 years as a designer, Wessel has crafted numerous standout stands, yet one project remains particularly memorable," he proudly shares. "Designing the Samsung booth at the Masters Expo was a blast. I'm extremely satisfied with the outcome; everything just clicked in terms of colors and materials. It was truly rewarding to see this booth win the Best Brand Experience 2022 award at the Masters Expo.


KOP - Samsung - Masters - 2

Samsung booth at Masters Expo


Want a stand that stands out too?

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