Designer Lisa; "Creativity is in my DNA"

Laura Ebeltjes
Apr 25, 2024 8:52:46 AM

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” Almost everyone has struggled with this big question at some point. Not Lisa. “Creativity is in my DNA. I always knew I'd end up in the creative sector," she says." And she was right. Since 2021, she has been creating spectacular booth designs at KOP. In this blog, she spills on what fuels her imagination and how she brings ideas to life.


A second nature

As a child, Lisa (32) enjoyed immersing herself in the world of creation, a passion her mother fully supported. Together, they would often explore various art events. "Even in school, I couldn’t get enough of subjects like drawing and crafts. The feeling of creating something new drives me."


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Sources of inspiration

For fresh ideas, she regularly visits museums and expos in her free time. She speaks excitedly about a recent visit to the Tilo Baumgärtel exhibition: "His colorful paintings create a magical world that invites you to let your imagination run wild."

The Rotterdam Art Week is also one of her favorite events. "It was by chance that I ended up in Het Katoenhuis. This used to be a cold storage in the Rotterdam port, but now it’s a film set for media artists. They showed laser shows, very professional yet in an artistic setting. It made me realize again how important it is to explore the free sides of design. This helps me discover new perspectives that I apply in my own designs."


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The design process

Every designer starts their design process in their own way. "For me, it’s important to have a clear image before I begin a design." She starts with creating a mood board, which after a brainstorm with the account manager, becomes the blueprint to visually translate the client's wishes.

"I prefer creating a dynamic mix in my booth designs. I combine colors, beautiful materials, soft shapes, and themes and like to use them in a playful manner. Yet, I always keep the overall picture calm and balanced."

And though she’s not a fan of clichés, the principle ‘Kill your darlings’ is indispensable in her process. “Even if I love certain aspects of my design, if they don’t fit, they need to go.” This ensures that each design perfectly matches our clients’ expectations.


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Out of the box

Lisa's enthusiasm peaks when clients dare to deviate from the usual. She sees it as the chance to create a stimulating world where experience, brand identity, and composition come together perfectly. “Together with the client, I create an environment that didn’t exist before. This type of trade show booths attracts visitors, stands out, and momentarily takes visitors out of their daily routine.”

Lisa may be modest, but we see her as a rockstar in thematically designing booths. Her design for Archipel Academy, where the unique branding of the client comes to life in an underwater world theme, is living proof of this. Thanks to her use of elements inspired by the deep-sea anglerfish and graceful sea anemones, every visitor feels like they're in an underwater world.

And speaking of creativity, the booth is also modular. The design can be transformed for any space, large or small, making it perfect for various trade shows. This makes it highly versatile and thus very sustainable!


KOP - Archipel - 2


“We all know that Lisa is incredibly creative. But what may be less known is that she’s also a star at thematic work. Give her a theme, and she incorporates it down to the smallest details."Wessel Sio - Studio Team Leader.


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