Account Manager Jelle: One of KOP's Bridge Builders

Laura Ebeltjes
Apr 10, 2024 10:29:23 AM

KOP exists of a team full of energetic people. One of those vibrant personalities is Account Manager Jelle (28). With his social skills, Jelle is a natural connector. Add his humor and genuine involvement, and you have - alongside all the other top performers - a valuable asset to the KOP team.


An adventure with side roads

After a rich experience in hospitality and recruitment agency, followed by an adventurous trip through Asia, Jelle eventually found his way to KOP. "The best advice I ever got is: Do what you love." With this motto in mind, he found his place here - although with a few enjoyable detours.

One of those detours is his past in the hospitality industry. This makes him highly service-oriented and he enjoys brainstorming with our clients. "Through brainstorming, I provoke the client to share uncertainties, ultimately leading to a better understanding of their needs and a perfect tailor-made trade show concept."

His previous work in recruitment agency on brought him into contact with numerous candidates, giving him a wealth of experience. This versatility enables him to understand a wide range of clients and work skillfully with them. This makes our team even  stronger!

A quote from "A Most Violent Year" keeps Jelle on course: "When it feels scary to jump, that is exactly when you jump. Otherwise, you end up staying in the same position your whole life. What is more scary?"




Versatility at KOP

Jelle embraces the versatility at KOP, both in terms of tasks and people. "At KOP, we do everything under 1 roof; designing the stand, building the stand, and setting up and dismantling them. This results in a team comprising many different colleagues, leading to numerous engaging conversations."

"Recently, I assisted the field service in setting up stands. It was really interesting to experience that process up close. Normally, I don't see my field service colleagues that often, so this was educational and a fun way to get to know them better at the same time."

"From working in hotels, I know the mentality: 1 team, 1 task. At KOP, everything is under 1 roof. This keeps the lines short and we all shoulder the load. Together, we take that extra step!"


KOP - Jelle - kantoorfoto


Jelle's formula for success

According to Jelle, focus and setting priorities are essential for success. By using checklists, he keeps everything organized, ensuring peace of mind and efficiency. Additionally, clear agreements and tight schedules help him deal with deadlines and high client expectations. "Flexibility? Absolutely, but always with respect for agreements made."

For Jelle, KOP's motto "No Sixes" is a guide. By constantly probing in a conversation with the client and clarifying all details, he strives for perfection in developing trade show concepts for our clients. "I don't do half-hearted work."

For companies participating in a trade show for the first time, Jelle has a golden tip: "Ensure interaction at your booth. That makes you stand out, and if the interaction is also useful, it's a win-win situation!"


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Want to meet?

Would you like to meet Jelle and see if collaborating with him is right for you? Come by for an introduction! With his excellent hospitality skills, Jelle is ready to prepare the perfect cup of coffee (or tea) for you.

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