Meet Ruben, our new Marketing Rockstar!

Laura Ebeltjes
Oct 18, 2023 8:46:00 AM

Let's shine the spotlight on our newest team member: Ruben Geuzinge, Marketing Team Leader. At 42, he's not just an experienced marketer, but also a proud dad and passionate musician. Curious about his story? Keep reading, because he's got lots of interesting things to tell.


Who is Ruben? 

I always say, 'You can say anything about me, except that I'm boring.' Seriously, I'm happily married to Ilse, a dad to Senne (2), and we live in the historic town of Zutphen. Besides my role as a marketer and dad, music plays a big part in my life. I'm the lead singer in a band, and during the summer, you'll find us rocking the stage at various events. My weeks are packed, but it's all worth it because it fuels me with energy!


Ruben en Senne


How did you find your way into the world of stand building?

I got into stand building through my experience as an exhibitor at trade shows and by helping companies with their trade show presence. Trade shows are all about creating unforgettable experiences, and that's where I thrive.

What makes it even more interesting is that I, as a musician, see striking parallels between my performances and the trade show world. When we perform, we literally set up our 'stage' and aim for a better experience for the audience, with the goal of securing more gigs.

Also, I have experience in network marketing, which is ultimately what matters most on expo's. So when I saw the Team Leader Marketing position at KOP, I instantly felt, 'This is the perfect job for me!'


How was the transition to this new role?

Quite exciting! Stepping in as a team leader always comes with certain expectations, especially when the marketing team is already quite advanced. Most quick wins seem to disappear, but luckily, the concern was unfounded. I love working with this team of professionals. There's no need to clean up a mess; instead, we're all working together to achieve great results. It's amazing to see how driven everyone is and how they challenge each other to raise the bar.


KOP - Ruben- Bureau-3


What's your primary focus in this new role?

My main focus is on fine-tuning the sales funnel, so our marketing efforts lead to even more successful partnerships. Moreover, it's crucial to keep our main goal clear. As marketers, we can often get sidetracked by prioritizing many things. The ultimate goal is to enable our sales team to build valuable relationships.


What's your vision for your future at KOP?

Even though I've just joined, I have great confidence in the future at KOP. I still need to get to know my colleagues and ongoing processes, but fortunately, everyone's ready to help me grow in my role.

I hope to motivate people with my input, focusing on strategy and efficiency. We excel at creating content, but it can be time-intensive. By setting clear objectives and measuring results, these intensive efforts also pay off.

At KOP, there's room for personal development and learning. It's a thrilling chance, and I'm diving into it with boundless enthusiasm!

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