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Scent Marketing

Scent Marketing: your smart move at trade shows

Science shows: scents stick around! Use this advantage and trigger your visitors' memories with Scent Marketing. While visual cues fight for attention at trade shows, scents pave a direct path to your visitors' emotions.

The superpower of scent

Scent possesses extraordinary power. Implement Scent Marketing at your booth, and visitors will feel more at ease, eager to linger and explore further. Exactly what you want! With a thoughtful scent strategy, your booth becomes a unforgettable spot on the trade show floor.

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“Research from the Sense of Smell Institute found that people forget their visual memories by 50% after 3 months, while they still accurately remember scents by 65% after 1 year. ”

More info

Want to learn more about the possibilities of Scent Marketing at your booth? Check out the blog Scent Marketing at Trade Shows. Are you interested in this or our other expo boosters and want more information? Fill out the form below, and we'll reach out to you soon. (Expo boosters only in conjunction with KOP booth construction).