Endearing scents

With scent you create an experience and reach out to emotions. It gives an extra dimension to the exhibition experience. Scent marketing helps you tell your story to the visitors. It strengthens your brand, feeling and product. Iscent. makes unique fregrance blends to make the exhibition experience a special moment. 

Fragrance with a mission!

During the day all senses are continuously stimulated. You filter away most of it , but smell hits you hard and lingers for longer. The passionate men of Iscent are mood makers with a mission. They want to strengthen your brand with scent!.

How does it work?

Fragrance has an exceptional power. A room that smells pleasant invites you to stay longer. This means that as an organization you have a chance to consciously use scent to make customers experience a pleasant feeling. By means of scent machines with perfumes, scents and unique blends you can make the difference between 'displaced' and 'home'. From freshly mowed lawns to baked cookies, but also luxurious perfumes with expensive musks and a touch of oriental oud.

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No brand experience hits the heart, without fragrance.

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