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''Thanks a lot for the excellent cooperation! Gamescom 2017 was a great success. The exhibition stand was exactly like we had in mind, just like the plenty visitors who came to see us. Everything was exactly like we imagined. We're looking forward to working with you in the future.''

Lizzy Vermesi, Marketing Events & PR Coordinator at Trust Gaming

The idea

The idea

With their trade show participations, including the Gamescom, Trust targets the younger gamers generation. With the slogan '' Building Champions '' contributes to this goal, as Trust aims to grow up together with this new generation. For their exhibitions, Trust was looking for a stand concept which could be deployed in several setups for different trade shows in Europe. For the Gamescom, Trust was looking for an exhibition stand which was in line with their corporate identity and which emphazised their slogan. In addition, the stand had to include a stage, a secret attic room with game PCs and the possibility of presenting 5 new products.

How we work

The end result

An impressive exhibition stand which stands out in terms of design, colour and shape. The front of the stand is equipped with a raised stage and a large sceen. The exhibition stand is fully executed in Trust's corporate style and the ''building champions'' slogan is visible from every angle. During the exhibition, the secret and cozy gaming attic was a main trigger for young gamers to visit the stand.

About Trust

Trust is a leading and international brand in the field of digital lifestyle accessories. In their productrange you can find everything for game equipment, tablets, desktops, laptops, smartphones and TV. Trust sells its products both in local business as in larger electronics stores, department stores and throughout the internet.

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Looking for a similar stand?

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