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Account manager Tim introduces himself:

He has survived our Friday-afternoon bootcamps and it turned out he is a great colleague, too. So it's time to introduce him to you. Tim van Binsbergen would like to take you along in his first months as an accountmanager at KOPexpo.

'My name is Tim van Binsbergen. I’m 33 years young and together with my wife Leonie, I live in a small village called Spankeren. It’s a hidden and quite place in the eastern part of Holland.

In June I started working as an account manager at KOP, a logical career move as I worked internationally in sales for the past 6 years. During this period, I’ve checked off 26 countries and 88 cities with over 40 flights a year, from Tokyo to Miami and from Shanghai to Montreal…. Quite hectic as you can imagine! This new challenge at KOP brings me more structure, stability and possibilities for the future. I still love to travel but I’ll focus on customer visits and Holidays for now.'

KOPexpo: always a step ahead

The first few months at KOP are exciting. What stands out for me is definitely professionalism and the fact that “wins” are a team effort. Everyone’s dedicated to perform and the systematic and process-oriented way of working makes that we are always one step ahead. This is a must because I’ve learned that there is much more to it than just building a stand. Companies invest substantially to shine on a trade show. Our challenge is to do everything possible to make sure our customers are ready to shine and can achieve their goals during the trade show!

Account Manager

The fun part of being an account manager is meeting people and connecting with them. I love to listen to their stories and to translate their vision and targets into a unique and customized stand design. What I enjoy the most is the variety in companies I visit; their stories are all unique and they all operate in completely different industries.

I’ve not had the full KOP experience yet so I’m quite excited to run-along with production and the standbuilders to build up a stand in September. It’s always good to connect with colleague and see how they run their business!

Always up for a challenge

Besides being an account manager at KOP I love to play soccer, socialize (drink and eat) with friends and family and I’m always up for a challenge. In June I ran the Strong Viking Run, a 19 km obstacle run. But the biggest challenges I’m facing will be becoming a father, at the beginning of next year we hope to welcome our own “SlaapKOP”.

I’m looking forward to the future. From my point of view, it’s kind of bright at home and at KOP! I’m up for it and I hope you too! You can always contact me for a good conversation or a cup of coffee. Just send your question to