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Rowan van der Veen
Aug 9, 2018 8:38:00 AM

We’ve all been there: trade show done? Business cards all over the place. You did a great job getting in touch with potential new customers but you already forgot which phone number belongs to whom. And you certainly don’t remember the topics you discussed with each particular person during the show. 

To prevent this from happening, we have developed the SmartLeadScan. The SmartLeadScan is an app in which you can collect visitor data of every person you talked to during the trade show and collect visitor data. This way, you can easily organize your leads and collect valuable insights which you can use for marketing purposes. 


KOPexpo Smart Lead Scan app on an iPad


Simply scan business cards

With one hit on the button, the app copies all of the business card data. Name, address, contact details are automatically read and saved. Besides this, additional notes can be added and the sales person can add their name to the data so that you always know which lead belongs to whom. 


Visitor analysis

Do you want to know the geographical location of your visitors? Which products they are interested in? and the percentage of new customers over the percentage of existing customers? These and other data can be collected with the Smart Lead Scan. Create your own questions and decide whether they are required or not. Make it as complicated or easy as you prefer.


Scanning Business Card in 3 steps with KOPexpo's Smart Lead Scan app


Easy peasy follow-up 

Research has shown that the average conversion rate of trade show visitors increases once they are followed-up quickly after their visit to the stand. With the SmartLeadScan, you can easily export the collected data to your laptop and send the registered visitors a thanks-for-your-visit-email on the same day. Or within a few hours, if you really want to impress people. 


Customer experiences

The SmartLeadScan has been tested, improved and tested again. In the past few months, quite some exhibitors have used the app during their trade shows. Aareon and Technotape, for example: 

‘’A very user friendly and fast tool to collect visitor data, register our leads and secure an effective follow-up. It helped us to respond quickly to the appointments we made and to fulfill the promises we make as an organization. Great!’’ Caroline van der Vis 

‘’The SmartLeadScan for trade show visitors was very useful. Our standcrew has experienced the app as very user friendly.’’ – Ingrid Voorn 


Want to try yourself?

The SmartLeadScan will definitely help you to make your trade show participations more efficient and valuable. Want to try the app during your next trade show? Send us a message on info@kopexpo.com or give us a call on +31(0)55 533 64 81.

KOPexpo has developed the app in cooperation with Luminus. Take a look if you want to know more about their services.

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Rowan van der Veen
By Rowan van der Veen Online marketeer

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